Request for classic confinement: tmc-cli-rust

tmc-cli-rust requires similar permission as tmcbeans, hence the request for classic confinement.

It is the command-line client for the University of Helsinki’s TestMyCode -framework. TestMyCode is used by various online programming courses for exercise testing and submission. For instance, it is used for courses at

The source code can be found on github.

Hey @tmc-cli,

Could you please describe the CLI experience for tmc-cli-rust? Is it providing commands to debug/compile code? Does it need to access specific source/header files from the system for the purpose of compilation?



It provides commands to download, submit and test code. In which the “test” command compiles and runs unit tests on the code. Our CLI has support for various programming languages, so depending on the language it might require access e.g to standard library headers (in the case of C/C++). It also requires access to the compilers, interpreters, and everything that is required to run unit tests on code written by users.

Thanks in advance!

@tmc-cli thanks for the information provided. The requirements to grant classic confinement are understood.

@advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?



Ping @advocacy (@igor) can you please perform publisher vetting?

@igor - ping, can you please perform publisher vetting?

+1 from me, I vetted the publisher. I also understand they will want to consolidate this snap under the same account as tmcbeans, but I’ll leave it to the request to provide further details.

Hi @Igor, yes we would like to have it under the same account as tmcbeans (account username: moocfi).

I can confirm from this account, that we would like to consolidate this snap under this account. Is this a sufficient request, or would you prefer us to create a new forum post?

@moocfi @tmc-cli I’ll leave it to the store team to decide on the snap move.

Classic confinement override granted. This is now live.