Request for classic confinement: snap ds2

I made a snap called ds2. This snap is a Digital Signage app. I need the classic confinement because my app need permission for read my settings.json (a config file of my legacy system, from which i need to pick the data).

Thanks for your time :smile:

access to random config files is typically not a reason that gets you classic confinement granted by teh reviewers. take a look at the system-files or personal-files interface to see if either of them fits your needs.

My app was made in electron, the file snapcraft.yaml is not used in the documentation. How do I do in package.json? Besides I’m using “dist”: “build --linux snap” for create my app.snap.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

i suspect electron-builder is only usable for pretty standard apps, perhaps the electron-packager npm module is an option … like used in the snapcraft tutorial here:

Does classic even make sense for a digital signage app? Aren’t most digital signage solutions built on ubuntu core?

As mentioned, not being able to move a config file is not a reason for classic confinement. Plenty of electron snaps work with the default value for $HOME (ie, the snap-specific ~/snap/ds2/<revision>) and if your having trouble, I encourage you to create a new topic in the ‘snapcraft’ category. While I strongly suspect your snap can be made to work with standard permissions, there is also The personal-files interface (but use of it also needs justification not unlike classic).