Request for classic confinement: sas2ircu


Is it safe to add a new interface to the app? How old snapd installations will handle it?

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IIRC snapd will error and refuse to install the snap if it has an interface assertion it doesn’t recognize.


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I.e. the new-version app (with added interface) will not be able to install/run on old versions of Linux distributions?

What if this interface will not be auto-connected?

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block-devices is in 2.37 which is now everywhere. You might be interested in the “little known feature” @zyga mentioned in Is snapd forward compatible with new app interfaces? (ie, ‘assumes’).

As for auto-connection, please create a new forum topic and follow Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks


Do I need sudo to use block-devices interface?

Tried w/o sudo and smartctl reported:

Smartctl open device: /dev/sda failed: Permission denied

With sudo all is Ok:

sudo smartctl -x /dev/sda # smartctl is a snap here with embedded smartmontools

I.e. I can’t use smartctl when user clicks on a Launch button in Ubuntu Software?

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There is a list of permissions to run smartctl:

What is still missing when I connect block-devices interface (smartctl still reports Permission denied w/o sudo)?

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This isn’t coming from snapd but traditional permissions and capabilities. Yes, you need to be root to use smartctl.