Request for classic confinement: lefthook

Hello. I’m current maintainer of Lefthook–tool for software developers to help manage git hooks for complex development workflows.

Lefthook users specifies commands they need to run on various git events (pre-commit. pre-push, etc) in lefthook.yml configuration file in their project’s git repository root and Lefthook registers itself as a git hook (as git allows only single hook for every event) and when event occurs, Lefthook is being invoked by git and then Lefthook execute required commands in parallel.

Because of a) requirement to access arbitrary user files (including hidden files, possibly located outside of home directory) and b) requirement to run arbitrary other commands (specified by user in their lefthook.yml), Lefthook most probably wouldn’t be able to run in strict confinement mode (however, I hadn’t fully grok all the interfaces).

As Lefthook falls into supported category of “tools for local, non-root user driven configuration of/switching to development workspaces/environments” as per “Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps”, I believe that it should be approved for classic confinement.

We already have bunch of users complaining about lefthook not working if installed from Snap store here, in issue #161 lefthook install not working: permission denied

Also as we’re using GoReleaser’s integration to Snapcraft, we don’t have snapcraft.yml in source code repository as it is generated for us.

Source code repository:
Links for some blog posts with examples of lefthook usage can be found there in the very bottom of README file.

Is there any chance to get review for lefthook?

Additional details (as I allowed to post only two links per message):

  • we’re using GoReleaser Snapcraft integration, docs for that can be found here:
  • our Snapcraft-related configuration of GoReleaser (used to release Lefthook) is in .goreleaser.yml line 41 (forum doesn’t let me post direct link to it)

@reviewers, is there any other info I need to provide to get classic confinement review for lefthook?

Thanks for your patience on this request, the requirements for classic confinement for lefthook are understood as per the “tools for local, non-root user driven configuration of/switching to development workspaces/environments” category on Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. @advocacy can you please perform publisher vetting?

+1 from me, I’ve vetted the publisher.

Thanks @igor. Classic confinement granted, this is now live.

Awesome! Thank you very much!