Request for classic confinement: kubectx


I’ve built a snap for

This tool requires classic confinement because its sole purpose is making kubectl easier to use through manipulation of the .kube/config file. If there is another way to manipulate the .kube/config file I will happily try that but I believe it’s impossible as things stand?


The personal-files interface can be used for this. Eg:

name: kubectx

    interface: personal-files
    - $HOME/.kube/config
    - $HOME/.kube/config.lock

    - dot-kube-config

There are other applications that modify ~/.kube/config in this manner in the store. See The personal-files interface for details.

@sweston - Can you please respond to @jdstrand’s suggestion above? It would seem that personal-files should allow you to accomplish this and classic confinement should not be needed but it would be great if you could confirm this.

@sweston - I am removing this request for classic confinement from our internal queue since it looks like personal-files should provide the required access. If this is not the case, please reply and we can follow-up.

I’m the new maintainer for kubectx and I opened a new thread (I didn’t know this thread existed) about why I need classic confinement. I tried to use personal-files auto-connection, but it has serious limitations (all explained in my thread). So please go there and check if you agree with me on that. Here it is the link for my thread: Classic confinment for kubectx snap