Request for classic confinement, ibm-java

IBM is preparing to release IBM version of JAVA SDK as a snap. This requires access to the most parts of the system, that’s why classic confinement is really needed. Thank you!

snap name:- ibm-java

are you aware that making a snap classic excludes it from Ubuntu Core (used a lot in embedded, industrial, robotics, automotive and digital-signage) ?

i could imagine it being rather useful there (at least the runtime similar to )…

ibm-java falls into the supported category of ‘programming languages’ from Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. The requirements for classic are understood. @advocacy, can you please perform the vetting?

To @ogra’s point, today, java-using snaps might stage-packages openjdk from Ubuntu and so those snaps can run anywhere. I suspect that a snapcraft part or extension might be really interesting for ibm-java’s users so they might be able use it for their jre in their snaps. I suggest creating a new topic in the ‘snapcraft’ category if you are interested in pursuing this.

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+1 to vetting of the IBM Java snap developers.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.