Request for Classic confinement for MqttDesk snap

I had requested earlier at same platform also for the classic confinement review for MqttDesk snap. But just now I received an email that it has been rejected that I have posted it to wrong category but i think it is the right category store requests.

so I am requesting here again for the request of classic confinement.
Reason is that MqttDesk is a MQTT Desktop client application and its using the license keys for activation the application.

Explanation on why we access to this 2 directories: /.local/share/bconf and /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id

We’re using a Licensing API package called Cryptlex that allows us to easily guarantee license keys and validate them. This package requires read-write access to /.local/share/bconf and read access to /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id in order to get an advanced device fingerprint of the user’s device and prevent software piracy.

We need to use the personal files & observe for the snap.

Please review it .

Hey @newbee_snap, Is this request the same as ?

Yes , this is same for the rejected snap.