Request for classic confinement for charm-config

I’d like to request classic confinement for a new plugin for the charm snap (also classic confinement), charm-config, to query and view charm config from the charm store.


Can you please outline the reasons why you believe classic confinement is required for charm-config?

Sorry for the delayed response. This is a plugin for the charm snap, of which I’m one of the maintainers, and which is also classically confined, since it is a development tool. This uses the same pattern as the juju-wait plugin snap for the juju snap, all of which are classically confined.

That said, the only thing I’m aware of that this snap requires is: 1) to be able to be discovered and called by the charm snap (which probably doesn’t require classic confinement), and 2) to be able to call out to the charm snap already on the system (which I assume does require classic confinement). If that assumption is wrong, I would certainly prefer to make this plugin strictly confined. Would the content interface help here? I admit I don’t really have any experience with it yet.

I could work around this in a couple of ways, of course. I could include the charmstore-client portion directly in this snap, but that then duplicates that code in two snaps. I could also just fold this directly into the charm snap, which was going to be my original approach but I realized the plugin system for the charm snap is under-utilized compared to the juju snap and I thought this could serve as an example of how to use that pattern.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that this will become increasingly moot as the new charmcraft approach takes over from the existing charm tool, but there certainly will be a bit of a tail on that.

Anyway, I look forward to your feedback!

Charm snaps fall under the use case of ‘juju helpers’ which is a supported use case in our Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps.

I’ve vetting the publisher. Granting classic. This is now live.

Your next uploads should pass automated review. If you prefer, you can also request a manual review for existing revisions and we can manually approve them.

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