Request for classic confinement: etichetta

Hello! I am writing an application for AI image labeling. Specifically, the application requires classic confinement to access user-selected folders. These folders could be located anywhere (where the user trains the AI), and I cannot expect the user to move gigabytes of files back and forth to label the images.

Source: GitHub - trikko/etichetta: A YOLO annotator, for human beings

As per the Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps a snap needs both a legitimate requirement for classic confinement and it needs to fit in one of the supported categories.

Regarding this first requirement - in general, it is expected that for most snaps the data required would live in $HOME or on some removable media, and so plugging the home and removable-media interfaces should be sufficient to provide the required data access. Can you provide more details on why you think this would not be the case for your snap?

Also from what I can see, this snap does not appear to fit within one of the supported categories, but if you feel it does, please also let us know. Thanks.

@trikko - ping, can you please provide the requested information? Thanks

Yes, probably alex is right and I just need to plug home but in the meanwhile I switched to AppImage. If someone can add support for snap build, he/she is welcome.