Request for classic confinement: egmde

egmde [ “Example Mir Desktop Environment”] is a minimal desktop environment and needs classic confinement to successfully identify and launch applications.

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Hmm … classic apps can not use/define plugs, how would that work without the ability to connect to mir-kiosk ? (or do we have any special casing for mir with classic in snapd in this case ?)

(Also: classic excludes egmde from being installable on ubuntu core)

While both egmde and mir-kiosk use Mir they are otherwise unrelated.

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ah, thanks for the clearification … i had some small hope i could use egmde on core with mir-kiosk eventually :slight_smile:

I have a small hope that a confined desktop will be usable on core. Eventually. This isn’t that (yet).

Ideally, egmde would be confined (as discussed elsewhere) and could be used in place of mir-kiosk.

But at the current state of art it needs to be “classic” and can only work on Ubuntu Classic.

I thought we sketched out some ideas for this to work in strict mode in How to confine a desktop shell. As an example app, wouldn’t it be better to work on improvements to snapd so this could operate in strict mode with Ubuntu Core devices, etc? Put another way, why does this need classic immediately?

The example snap is useful as a way of delivering a Mir desktop demo on Classic now. And offering a “classic” snap at first doesn’t preclude working on confinement (which we agree is desirable).

My feeling is that the issues around confinement will take some time to be completely resolved. Do you think otherwise?

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@alan_g - I’m prepared to grant classic for this snap. Is the work prioritized to submit a PR for the interface?


While we’ve discussed a possible way forward with “the interface” I think there are sufficient unanswered questions to be thinking of a PR in the immediate future. Some experiments and discussions are needed first.

@alan_g - I may not have been clear-- is it on your roadmap to do the experiments and discussions?

FYI, I’ve vetted the publisher; the requirements are understood, granting classic. This is now live.

@jdstrand Not everything needed is on the Roadmap, but some important pre-requisites are. It is on the “wishlist” though and something I’m personally keen to see addressed.

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