Request for auto-connects for nymea


I’d like to request auto-connections to avahi-observe and bluez for nymea:app.

avahi-observe is used to find nymea:core instances via ZeroConf
bluez is used to connect to nymea:core instances which are not on the network yet via Bluetooth and provision Wi-Fi credentials.


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+1 from me. This is core functionality from the application and causes a real stumbling block when the whole idea behind this is to easy connectivity.

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For nymea:core actually it’d be similar but a bit more. I’ve forgotten this in the initial post as we’re getting most reports about the app too.

  • In order to advertise itself in the network it’d need avahi-control
  • In order to find other devices on the home network it’d needd avahi-ovserve
  • In order to communicate with Bluetooth devices (such as radiator thermostats, sensors) it’d bluetooth
  • as nymea:core is mostly useful on devices such as a headless Raspberry Pi, it also supports headless WiFi setup and for that it would need network-manager

Not sure if it’s possible to have things like avahi-control and network-manager autoconnecting too, if it is, that would sure help us.


+1 from me too as per popey’s reasons above

(This assumes this request is for the nymea-app snap which you call nymea:app in the original post) - but I just noticed you’ve now mentioned nymea (aka nymea:core) above - can you please clarify specifically what you are requesting to be auto-connected for each snap?)

Sure, sorry. So… the first post is solely about nymea:app, the second only about nymea:core.

So to clarify:

nymea:core is the IoT edge gateway, kinda like a bridge for all your devices. It connects IoT devices in the local network (and online services etc). The typical use case would be that this runs on e.g. a Raspberry Pi, but works on a desktop just as well. It supports headless Wi-Fi setup by provisioning Wi-Fi credentials to networkmanager which it receives from nymea:app via Bluetooth. The needed interfaces are

  • avahi-observe (to find IoT devices)
  • avahi-control (to advertise itself)
  • bluez (to connect to IoT devices and advertise itself)
  • network-manager (to control the network - mostly useful in the embedded use case. On a desktop it’s kinda “yet another networkmanager frontend”)

nymea:app is the user frontend for this all, running on phones, desktops, tablets etc… It connects only to nymea:core and does not directly interact with other IoT devices. It needs:

  • avahi-observe (to find nymea:core in the network)
  • bluez (to do the initial Bluetooth-to-Wifi setup of headdless device running nymea:core)

I hope that makes it clear.


+1 to auto-connect avahi-observe and bluez to nymea:app (nymea-app in the store) for the reasons outlined.

3 votes, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of avahi-observe and bluez. This is now live.

+1 to auto-connect avahi-observe, avahi-control, bluez and network-manager to nymea:core (nymea in the store) since this is core functionality.

That said, it does seem like nymea would be installed on a device where auto-connection could be done via gadget yaml. Since you mention raspberry pi though, and there are reference gadgets for raspberry pi, my vote stands.

@reviewers - can others vote on auto-connect for nymea?

(@mzanetti1 - for future reference it would’ve been clearer to make a separate topic for nymea. No need to do anything now)

+1 from me for nymea.

+1 from me too to auto-connect avahi-observe, avahi-control, bluez and network-manager to nymea

3 votes for, 0 against, granting auto-connect of avahi-observe , avahi-control , bluez and network-manager to nymea - this is now live.

Thank you all.

And again, sorry for the mess… When I started the request for nymea:app I didn’t think that it’d be possible to have those also for nymea:core. I only learned the process with this request.