Request for auto-connection of cups-control to gimp

@reviewers, I’d like to request automatic connection of the cups-control interface for the gimp snap. Printing from a graphics editor is commonplace and expected behaviour. Users are already requesting such support, where I can tell them to connect it manually and document it somewhere, or we can auto-connect :slight_smile:

Feedback welcome, :+1:'s more so :-p

Although we have this bug that says it doesn’t help, in which case: “huh?” (it seems to expose my own printer when I connect the interface, however)

Gimp should absolutely be able to print but it shouldn’t be able to configure printing on the device, which is unfortunately what cups-control does. Ideally it would use the printing portal or something other than cups-control (eg, cups could provide an unprivileged socket for just printing). Perhaps you could do something along the lines of what I outlined in Auto-connection of removable-media for polarr? to guide users on how to enable printing?

-1 to auto-connect cups-control at this time.

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@alexmurray, @roadmr, @kyrofa, @popey - can one or all of you vote on this?

FWIW in my personal experience, I’ve rarely had to print from Gimp. When I do, I usually print to PDF just to make sure it all looks copacetic before pulling the trigger (which I usually do with evince).

-1 from me, because the interface is too coarse-grained for the intended purpose as Jamie mentioned, but @jdstrand pointed to a solution we’ve been somewhat consistent about, so that may provide a reasonable alternative.

I do find it unfortunate that some interfaces are, as I said, too coarse-grained, and thus leave us with the security-conscious choice of -1’ing requests to use them, because a snap with a valid use case for one portion of the interface has no choice but to request all of it. However and to reiterate, in this case it looks like alternatives exist.

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0 votes for, 2 votes against. Not granting the request at this time.