Request for alias for powershell-preview to pwsh-preview

This is a snap package for our non-stable releases of PowerShell. You can see the RFC here:

The package will be based on the current powershell package at

the powershell-preview package should have an alias to pwsh-preview

Before voting on this, I’d like to see the result of the discussion in Request for classic confinement: powershell-preview

Can we vote on this now that classic confinement has been granted? pwsh-preview is what we symlink pwsh to in our powershell-preview debian and rpm packages.

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+1 for the auto-alias.

Please note that there is a 7 day voting period from the time of the request with a minimum of 2 votes required.

This is +1 for me since it is consistent with user expectations.

+1 from me also, to ensure consistent command line expectations.

I can find no conflicts from other applications on pwsh-preview. I’m +1 on this alias.

4 votes for, 0 against. Granting the auto-alias. This is now live.

I’m getting reports that this alias isn’t working. One on Fedora 28 and one each on Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10.

@jdstrand I confirmed what @TravisEz13 is reporting. I saw the following in the Approved capabilities:

  • Aliases (v2): [ { "name": "pwsh-preview", "target": "pwershell-preview" } ]

There is a typo in the target so I’ve corrected the declaration.

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