Request confinement 'classic' for t-rec

For the snap I need to request confinement ‘classic’. This is needed because it needs to run arbitrary binaries on the end users system.

The original PR for the snap definition was created by @popey


@review-team Is there anything else you need to move this request further?

As a terminal recorder, t-rec falls into the existing category for classic confiment via terminal multiplexers etc - as such the requirements for classic confinement are understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

Vetting done. +1 from me for classic for t-rec

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Since I’m totally new to this platform, what are the next steps?

I’m asking because it seems that the builds of t-rec still getting declined for release, means unfortunately I’m not able to release any version yet.

The process is described in a lengthy document here. In short, we give it a few days for interested parties to chime in, in case anyone has an objection to the application being classic. Once that’s done someone on the security team will set the flags in the store to make sure subsequent uploads pass.

Thanks @popey - as 7 days have passed since the original request, this is now granted.

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