Request classic confinement for snap anonymousmail

My snap ‘anonymousmail’ is use pre-installed firefox browser to send email. pre-installed firefox browser is placed under /usr/bin/ directory that not accessible by strict snap. firefox is a dependency of my snap.
so my snap must access /usr/bin/ directory.

so, I request a classic confinement for my snap.

Can you not simply launch firefox via xdg-open $URL? (and make sure you plug the desktop interface)

@badpurvesh11 Can you please advise if the suggestion above is sufficient?

your suggestion is good but, i want to open firefox in headless mode. i want to run process in background without opening firefox desktop gui.
so, xda-open is not use-full here.

or would you suggest me how can i open firefox as headless if i add firefox as my snap dependency through python script? it is very helpful for my project.

Thanks for reply.

This isn’t a supported use case for classic (see Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps) in part because there is no guarantee that firefox would even be on the classic system or that the one installed would be compatible with your snap.

For your snap to work everywhere, it should ship what it needs in the snap. You can use ‘stage-packages’ to install binaries from the Ubuntu archive in your snap, or ‘stage-snaps’ to install snaps from the snap store. In this manner, your snap will always have exactly what it needs at the locations it expects.

A possible future alternative would be for the firefox snap to support headless mode and for snapd to somehow expose that, but it sounds like you are trying to drive firefox rather than simply open a page, so that is probably not possible without the firefox snap exposing content for other snaps via the content interface.