Request classic confinement for gnome-info-collect

GNOME Info Collect is a utility created by the GNOME project to collect some information about user’s systems and settings to utilize for future planning. It’s purely opt-in, and only submits a report when the user runs the tool. Classic is required because it needs to check for the existence of some utilities being installed on the system.

For reference,

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As per the Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps we need to establish if gnome-info-collect meets the requirements for classic confinement and if it fits within one of the supported categories for classic confinement.

If it just needs to see what is installed, could you use the system-backup interface and inspect this from /var/lib/snapd/hostfs/? Otherwise if it needs to execute arbitrary binaries then perhaps this is more suited to classic confinement (although if the binaries are known ahead of time and are fixed then you can just ship them inside the snap and stick with strict confinement).

Can you please provide more info?

It needs to determine if flatpak is installed on the host, and if it is it runs it to determine if flathub is enabled. Bundling flatpak would skew the data as one of the metrics collected is installation status of flatpak.

Ok, so it looks clear then that gnome-info-collect has to execute the specific binaries from the host so it requires classic confinement, plus it fits under the supported category of debug tools. As such, the requirements for classic confinement are understood. I have vetted the publisher, this is now live.

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