Request classic confinement for fhttp


I need classic confinement for fhttp because I need the app to be able to read any file the user chooses (if they have read access), which may be outside their home directory.



Is there something wrong with this request?

Let me clarify my problem:

  • My app is a developer tool
  • It needs to be able to access any file that the user wants it to read, as long as they user has access to it in the first place
  • it also needs to be able to run pass from $PATH

I therefor request that classic confinement be approved for this app.
Thank you!

it needs to ship pass then…

snap packages have to be self contained so they can run everywhere, no matter if they are classic or strict …

if running pass is a hard requirement for your app to run, the snap needs to ship it (if the app has the path hard-coded you can use a layout to re-map it to the correct place, if your app just requires $PATH, then pass as shipped in the snap should just be found (the snap content is by default added to $PATH))


It’s not a hard requirement. Fhttp doesn’t need pass to be able to run, but the user can reference secrets in their password store if they are using pass, and in that case fhttp needs to be able to run the executable on behalf of the user. So pass is not an integral part of fhttp, but fhttp comes with an integration for it.

Also, pass is not my software and I don’t want to ship it. Besides that, users will either already have pass installed, or not need it at all.

Any news on this? It’s been 8 days…

Hey @Leopard2A5,

There are other interfaces you could plug which give you accesses to other locations rather than home. Have you explore them already and can confirm are not enough? You could use snappy-debug which will recommend interfaces based on your snap behavior. Feel free to share here some use cases and we can help you as well. BTW, I read fhttp was inspired by tools like Postman and Insomnia. Both of them are available as strictly confined snaps :wink:

We understand that but if you check our process for granting classic confinement, the need of a dependent software running on the host also does not follow under the supported categories for granting classic. We encourage you to ship it instead.

Please remember that classic confinement snaps run without restrictions, meaning it effectively grants device ownership to the snap. That’s why we encourage snap developers to stay under strict confinement and therefore enjoy all the benefits of a stable runtime environment.

@Leopard2A5 ping, can you please provide the requested information?

Hi, I’ve given up. I won’t ship pass with my snap. I’m going back to .deb packages.