Request: Automatic alias lxi-gui for lxi-tools


I would like to request the following automatic alias for the lxi-tools snap:

  • lxi-gui -> lxi-tools.lxi-gui



+1 for the auto-alias. ‘lxi-gui’ very clearly refers to lxi, which is provided by the lxi-tools.

Looking for 1 more vote. Thanks.

+1 from me, looking forward to use it with my LXI equipment.

Great, thanks. lxi-tools now features a command line and a GUI application - so best of both worlds :slight_smile:

However, the QT widgets does not look its best with the 16.04 LTS core image - I hope that will solve itself when a 18.04 LTS core image will be introduced.

Alias accepted? :slight_smile:

I notice a warning during snap build that aliases are no longer required defined in the snapcraft.yaml - should I remove it?

Any updates? Thanks.

7 days have passed with one vote from a reviewer (and one from a community member). Note enough votes to tally.

@niemeyer, @evan, @kyrofa, @roadmr, @ratliff - can one/all of you vote on this alias request?

Yeah +1 from me as well.

+1 from me as well… very clear correlation between snap name and requested alias.

3 votes for from reviewers, 1 vote for from community, 0 against. Granting the auto-alias. This is now live.