Request autoconnection for osmclient:ssh-public-keys


We would like to autoconnect the ssh-public-keys and home plugs of the osmclient snap, because osmclient needs access to hidden folders, like “.ssh” where all the ssh certificates are stored in the home folder.

Thank you very much!

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On classic systems the home interface is automatically connected - so unless this snap is expected to be run on devices running Ubuntu Core then this should not be required. Can you explain how osmclient uses the contents of ssh-public-keys? Which files are typically used and for what purpose?

Hello Alex,

This snap is the client of OSM, that is an orchestrator that creates virtual machines. Usually OSM injects ssh keys in these VMs, in order the final user can access them, and the ssh keys are usually located under $HOME/.ssh/ folder. So the osmclient needs to read these ssh-public-keys in order to inject them in the VMs.

I hope this clarifies the functionality a little bit.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. +1 from me to auto-connect ssh-public-keys for osmclient given the expected use-case above.

+1. ssh-public-keys are public and natural for this snap. Granting. This is now live.