Request: Autoconnect logs-observe for lnav-simosx

I am packaging lnav and I am interested in promoting it to their developers so that they make an official snap.
However, for demonstration purposes, could you please enable autoconnect to lnav-simosx for log-observe?

When I persuade the developers to make an official snap, I’ll ask again to

  1. remove log-observe from lnav-simosx.
  2. add log-observe to (the new) lnav.

UPDATE: I am using and to build lnav-simosx.

+1 to grant log-observe autoconnection to lnav-simosx

Navigating logs without being able to read them would be quite tricky :slight_smile:

Timothy Stack, the author of lnav has just made an official request for the log-observe interface for lnav, therefore I retract my own request for this interface for lnav-simosx.

Here is the author’s official request,

Please have a look at the request of the author of lnav.