Request autoconnect 'home' for MicroCeph

For MicroCeph I’d like to request autoconnect for the home interface.

For various Ceph tools it’s required they be able to access the local filesystem, e.g. to configure the dashboard it’s required to have it read a certificate, for inspecting the crush map tools will attempt to dump out the map into a file, etc.

Giving the snap home access will allow users to conveniently access their files to perform these tasks.


Do you mean this home interface ?

It’s auto-connect by default. No need for manual review.

@petersabaini does @aoyama’s comment work for you, or do you explicitly need an auto-connect for Ubuntu Core?

Uh, it seems I have misinterpreted the docs for the home interface, indeed that works nicely.

Thank you @dclane @aoyama

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