Request: auto-connection of network-control, network-setup-control and network-setup-observe for domotzpro-agent-publicstore

we have published a new Snap on Global Store and we would like to have auto-connection for the following interfaces:

  • network-control: snap needs to us nmap with and without ‘-sP’ option for scan host presence and open ports on hosts in the network
  • network-setup-control and network-setup-observe: snap needs to change network configuration (Manual address, DHCP, VLAN config etc…). We use our daemon to write a valid netplan configuration for the host. We have in place a check of network gateway reachability before write definitive configuration into the host

Here under some details of the Snap and what it does.

Domotz is a network monitoring system for smart homes and small businesses.
It automatically detects all IP devices on your network and provides functionalities including:

  • Network and device monitoring;
  • Remote desktop and device access (http/s, RDP, Telnet, SSH);
  • Remote power management for common power switches;
  • Alerts: email and push notification alerts when a device goes down, agent connection is lost or a new device joins the network;
  • Network diagnostics.
    The system also includes a collaboration feature, which lets you securely invite someone on to your network to help with an issue, or provide support to someone else that needs it. Via the Domotz Android, iPhone and Web Apps, you can easily manage your networks or smart home from anywhere and across devices.



Any update on this one?

Is there any chance to get those interfaces auto-connected? This would make our user-experience way smoother.

Thanks a lot

@jdstrand any thoughts on this auto-connect request?

Sorry for the delay on this-- the initial request was obviously missed.

Looking at the snap’s description that the snap deals with monitoring, it is surprising as a reviewer to see that it needs network-control and network-setup-control. network-observe and network-setup-observe seem to fall better into the ‘monitoring’ description. Are you able to use network-observe instead of network-control?

All that said, recently snapd added the ability for gadget’s to auto-connect interfaces. Would this be sufficient to address the usability of your snap? If not, can you provide more details why?


@jdstrand I got your point about “monitoring plugs” but we really need to have write access on networkg config. As an example for monitoring VLANs we need to change the netplan configuration to be able to scan a VLAN present into user network. Moreover, we provide the user the ability to set a static IP, that would be impossibile without being in full control of networking.

About gadget and auto-connection what you said is a great feature. Unfortunately, for the main use case of the snap on Global store we are not in control of the gadget (i.e. people installing it on their Ubuntu 18.04 installation)

+1 to auto-connect both.

@alexmurray, @mvo, @roadmr, @Wimpress - can one/all of you vote?

+1 from me to auto-connect network-setup-control + network-setup-observe

Do you definitely need network-control just for running nmap?

@alexmurray we also need it for “ping” networking tool, but nmap is definitely the main tool

ok +1 from me for network-control as well

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of network-control, network-setup-control and network-setup-observe. This is now live.

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@jdstrand Great, thanks a lot!