Request aliases for "klock"

Hello! I need some aliases for my klock snap

It needs 2 aliases:

  1. klock.kubectl-klock as kubectl-klock
  2. klock.kubectl-complete as kubectl_complete-klock

This is a plugin to kubectl. When running kubectl <app>, it searches for an executable named kubectl-<app>. See docs:

For completions, it’s less documented, but similar story. The kubectl executable looks for kubectl_complete-<app> to evaluate completions. See PR that introduced this into kubetl:

+1 for granting kubectl-klock and kubectl_complete-klock aliases to this snap. It makes sense for the application and I don’t see any conflict with an existing application.

+1 from me. I see no obvious conflicts.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting aliases to snap klock.

kubectl-klock is now live, however kubectl_complete-klock is unable to go live as there is an issue with the _ character that we are investigating.

Thank you for your patience.

Accidentally processed these incorrectly and should be sorted now.

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