Replace unsigned kernel/gadget snaps with signed ones

Hi, let’s assume I have an unsigned kernel and gadget snaps , installed locally on my device by using --devmode / --dangerous switches. Then I manage to sign them and I have now the same kernel and gadget snaps signed. Can I update the kernel and snaps on my machine with the signed ones? I guess not and I think a new fresh install (i.e flashing) of the device with all signed snaps would be required. Please help me to understand Thanks

if your snap is in a (brand)store your device can see, you might be able to switch to it using the --amend option of the refresh command … at least if your image uses a dangerous model … not sure if it would work in other model grades though …

see snap help refresh

Hi, so for the gadget snap installed with dangerous switch might work. For the kernel installed in --devmode instead I understand there is some uncertainty. Is there a way to get an answer more defined? Thanks