Rename microk8s-puppetmaster to joule-expansion

Please rename the microk8s-puppetmaster to joule-expansion.

Hi there,

Snaps cannot be renamed, unfortunately.

You can register the new name, unpublish the old one (let me know and I can revoke it for you) and find out a way to communicate to users so they can switch to the new snap.

  • Daniel

Ah thanks @roadmr. Luckily, this snap was only an experiment, so there shouldn’t be any “real” users.

@roadmr just created joule-expansion, it’ll need classic permission (same reason as the original snap, we need to make shell calls out to the host). Feel free to delete the original snap too.

@roadmr sorry to bump this, but it’s blocking roadmap progress :slight_smile:

I don’t typically review classic requests, maybe @emitorino can be of more assistance :wink:

  • Daniel
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Thanks @roadmr! Apologies for the call out, we just need to keep the ball rolling.

The requirements to grant classic confinement are understood. I have vetted the publisher. Granting use of classic. This is now live.

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