Rename app without losing customers?

Hi there!
I have an app which was originally called Office20, but I later renamed it to O20. I have it at under the old name. I would like to rename my name, but have 850 people using so, and I don’t want to break their installation.
Would it be possible to rename to snap to, but not lose customers and reviews or force people to reinstall?

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Same here…
What happens if I’m changing the snap title/name? how it affects existing users?

@ijohnson can you help here please?


It is not possible to change a snap’s name yet.

You would have to register the new name you want and start publishing your builds there.

The suggested way to get users of the old snap to switch (so they don’t get stuck as you said) is to update the old snap so it shows a message on start-up asking users to switch to the other snap.

I don’t have a good suggestion on how to transparently migrate data :frowning:

The snap renaming story is not very straightforward as you can see, sorry about that.

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