Release was rejected

I want to know the detail why visual-lvm-remote was rejected for modification.

You can go onto, select your snap, it’s specific revision, and then scroll down to the bottom. You’ll get a reason for rejection


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@weLees you should have received an email from the snap store detailing why your revisions were rejected. I have checked and I see 2 different issues:

Mon 26 July 2021
Rejected by Alex Murray. “This snap is using ‘classic’ confinement. In order to use classic confinement, please make a request in the forum by following the process outlined in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. Thanks!” — Alex Murray

And then:

Wed 18 Aug. 2021
Rejected by Maria Emilia Torino. “Use of the system-files and block-devices interfaces is reserved for vetted publishers. If your snap legitimately requires these accesses, please make a request in the forum using the ‘store-requests’ category (” — Maria Emilia Torino

Can you please confirm if you got such notifications?

I’ve not received the mail but I found information in dash board.

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