Register Brand Account for Gluu

Hi, we want to make Gluu an official publisher for Snap. Can you guide us to accomplish this? I was reading the Creating snap store brand accounts but several of the links are broken, and I was ultimately unsuccessful. If I need to create a new account, and add team members, that’s fine. That makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

I’ve fixed the register snap link. The correct URL is

Hi @daniel we want to certified our snap as rocketchat or vscode or canonical snaps. how we can accomplish this to show Gluu-federation with a checkbox

WIll that get us the little green checkmark, like in this screenshot next to rocketchat and canonical?

@popey can explain that better than I…

@daniel thanks, @popey Hi Alan, how we can accomplish this.


This issue was resolved. Thanks all.