Refresh time: should "next" conform to core API "schedule"?

After setting the refresh schedule to every Sunday at 3:00, it still seems the next refresh is unaffected. I expected the next refresh to be Sunday Dec 10 at 3:00. Or am I misunderstanding something?

    me@pi3:~$ sudo snap set core refresh.schedule=sun,3:00
    me@pi3:~$ sudo snap refresh --time
    schedule: 00:00-04:59/5:00-10:59/11:00-16:59/17:00-23:59
    last: 2017-12-07T12:53:00Z
    next: 2017-12-07T23:44:00Z

From a call to core REST API system-info:

    "refresh": {
        "schedule": "sun,3:00",
        "last": "2017-12-07T12:53:00Z",
        "next": "2017-12-07T18:18:00Z"

    me@pi3:~$ snap version
    snap    2.29.3
    snapd   2.29.3
    series  16
    kernel  4.4.0-1030-raspi2

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately weekdays are not currently supported in refresh schedule. 2.30 includes some changes that will reject a such schedule and raise an error.

Worry not though. There is some ongoing work to introduce new, more more flexible, syntax for refresh schedules. Details are being discussed in this topic:

Hi mborzecki,

Is current support limited to scheduling within each (and every) day then?


Yes, that’s correct.