Refresh list showing older revision

While trying to list the available revisions for my Dell Edge 3001 device , I noticed that refresh list was showing an entry for network-manager with older revision than the currently installed one. Is this a known bug ?

$ snap refresh --list
Name              Version          Rev   Publisher   Notes
caracalla-kernel  4.4.0-135.161-1  96    canonical✓  kernel
core              16-2.35.5        5742  canonical✓  core
network-manager   1.2.2-15         263   canonical✓  -

$ snap list network-manager --all
Name             Version   Rev  Tracking  Publisher   Notes
network-manager  1.2.2-17  314  -         canonical✓  -

Snapd logs just in case any one wants to have a look

We (Canonical) operate refresh-control on the Dell gateways, which allows us to perform extra QA before releasing snap updates to the Dell gateways. If you want, you can trigger a refresh to the version of network-manager in stable by running:

$ snap refresh network-manager --ignore-validation

That said, I checked and QA validation of the latest network-manager snap passed, so you should expect to see this update released for the 3001 sometime next week.

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No, My question is I am already on the latest revision (1.2.2-17 (rev 314)) but the refresh list shows an older version of network manager (1.2.2-15 (rev 263)) as available for update. Does that mean that I am not on stable branch ?