Refine alias for openrefine

Dear Store Team, I would like to request the alias “refine” for the openrefine snap (still in beta)

The “refine” command is strongly associated with the Openrefine project and used throughout its documentation. It seems to collide with the apt package argyll though, is that a problem?

Since openrefine is quite different than argyll I think it unlikely users will have both installed at the same time and hence there would be a conflict for the name refine.

As such, +1 from me for this alias.

+1 from me to for alias of refine for this snap, given that argyll is used for color management, which is quite distinct from data management, so low likelihood of a conflict.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-alias of refine for openrefine. This is now live.

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