Redirecting audio output


An user asked us how to redirect the audio output of our snap antstream-arcade to a separate Pulseaudio sink. He seems to already have a solution, but he’s not sure changing the file directly is the correct thing to do. Here’s what he said:

Hello, I would like to override the following setting in the linux snap so that I can direct Antstream’s audio output to a separate Pulseaudio null sink, so that it is isolated when streaming:- /var/lib/snapd/snap/antstream-arcade/17/etc/openal/alsoft.conf: [pulse] ## allow-moves: (global) # Allows PulseAudio to move active streams to different devices. Note that the # device specifier (seen by applications) will not be updated when this # occurs, and neither will the AL device configuration (sample rate, format, # etc). #allow-moves = false I need to set “allow-moves” to “true” - is there a way that I can do this?

Does anyone know the appropriate way to achieve what he needs?

Thanks in advance,