RaZberry HAT with Snapd


I was wondering if anyone uses the RaZberry HAT in a snap environment? Had my hopes up that it would be usable thought the serial-port plug, but doesn’t seem to be the case. It might be missing a gadget.

Anyone knows how to utilize this in a Snap package?

you will sadly need to build your own gadget to patch u-boot to not listen for input on the serial port …

i have done that before for a GPS reciever on a LoRa board, you need to add the noserial-uboot part to your gadgets snapcraft.yaml like in:

Hi again,

Thanks! Does this mean I also will have to make my own image for ubuntu core too, which bundles this Gadget? Or can it be installed into the official ubuntu core image?

you will indeed also have to roll your own image …


I’m back on this now; but now using Ubuntu Server image for my raspberry pi. However I’m using a snap package (zwavejs2mqtt) that want to use this board. Unfortunately I cant find a way to use/access the card from the snap. I’ve tried with classic confinement, but without any luck. It doesn’t let me connect to the card.

Any tips on what I’m missing to be able to use it? The path to the card is /dev/ttyAMA0, but Operation not permitted.

Do I have to write a Gadget snap for this particular card too?