Question about log-observe


I was wondering what log-observe actually does?

I’m trying to read syslog and journalctl from inside a snap app, but I’m getting permission denied.

Executing the command with sudo works, so why the interface?

Thanks in advance

log-observe gives you access to /var/log, /run/log/journal and the reading tools, it does not check if your user has the right permissions to actually read these files (typically the “adm” group handles access to logs on a classic ubuntu install (on ubuntu core the system user is not added to that group so you need a system service in case you want to read syslog from a snap))

Thanks for the quick reponse.

I think I’ll be better using ‘snap logs’ to get the required information then.

Might be useful to update the interfaces page to say it doesn’t provide actual read access to the files?

well, it gives read access to the files (you can not see them at all without the interface connected) the two things are orthogonal … your user simply needs to be in the right group to read them but that is not a snap or interface thing.