Qt4 wayland

For normal work of the AceStream Player program (patched VLC 2.14 qt 4) in the Wayland session, I use the environment variable DISABLE_WAYLAND = 1.
In Ubuntu 20.04, it worked correctly, but in Fedora 33, the app crashes. I really want to try for Fedora users, but I don’t understand what’s going on. Help!
Sorry for my English.

Ubuntu Wayland

Fedora 33 Wayland

You are running into this issue:

There were some changes to how gnome-shell 3.38 launches Xwayland that broke X11 access to snaps. The same issue affects Ubuntu 20.10’s Wayland session.

We’ve got a fix merged upstream to revert the problem change that will be available in a 3.38.x maintenance release, which will probably make its way to Fedora 33 at some point. We’ve also been working on a change to snapd that would let X11 apps run without that fix (since the revert was not been merged to the master branch).

Thank you so much. The solution was found.