PythonQt does not find the module "os"

I am using a Qt desktop app which runs Python plugins via PythonQT.
Running a python script I got the following error:
“No module named os”

To verify if the app can see the I opened a file open dialog and tried to search for the missing python file which normally is stored under /usr/lib/python2.7 but this directory is almost empty.
Running this application as an AppImage everything work fine.

What may I do to get this running in a SNAP?

It’s difficult to determine what’s wrong without being able to see the snap in question.

I could upload the snap as beta if that would help. But I think this could be answered generally… …if I would ask the right questions :wink:

Why is the directory /usr/lib/python2.7 empty when viewed via a snapped app? How to open this restriction?

I have executed the following using PythonQt.

from PythonQt.QtCore import QProcess
proc = QProcess()
proc.start(“ls /usr/lib/python2.7”)

And the result was only one directory with the name “dist-packages”. One entry out of 443 files which I can see normally.

Using QProcess could be a workaround for the not found module “os”
I wanted to use os.system() to run ffmpeg.

But unfortunately ffmpeg has not been found inside of the snap.