Problem with gate in : PreInit> /vis/open OGLSX /vis/viewer/reset

[G4-cerr] parameter value (OGLSX) is not listed in the candidate List. [G4-cerr] Candidates are: ASCIITree ATree DAWNFILE G4HepRepFile HepRepFile RayTracer VRML2FILE gMocrenFile TOOLSSG_OFFSCREEN TSG_OFFSCREEN TOOLSSG_OFFSCREEN TSG_OFFSCREEN TSG_FILE OpenGLImmediateQt OGLIQt OGLI OpenGLStoredQt OGLSQt OGL OGLS TOOLSSG_QT_GLES TSG_QT_GLES TSGQt TSG

-------- WWWW ------- G4Exception-START -------- WWWW ------- *** G4Exception : UIMAN0123 issued by : G4UImanager::ApplyCommand Invoked command has failed - see above. Available graphics systems are: Registered graphics systems are: ASCIITree (ATree) DAWNFILE (DAWNFILE) G4HepRepFile (HepRepFile) RayTracer (RayTracer) VRML2FILE (VRML2FILE) gMocrenFile (gMocrenFile) TOOLSSG_OFFSCREEN (TSG_OFFSCREEN) TOOLSSG_OFFSCREEN (TSG_OFFSCREEN, TSG_FILE) OpenGLImmediateQt (OGLIQt, OGLI) OpenGLStoredQt (OGLSQt, OGL, OGLS) TOOLSSG_QT_GLES (TSG_QT_GLES, TSGQt, TSG)

Error code : 500 *** This is just a warning message. *** -------- WWWW -------- G4Exception-END --------- WWWW -------

[G4-cerr] Parameter is out of candidate list (index 0) [G4-cerr] Candidates :

Could you try /vis/open OGLIQt and let us know if that works for bringing up a GUI please.

Did OGLSX previously work? There was an update from Gate 9.2 to 9.3 recently; the 9.2 release is still available exactly as it was via sudo snap refresh gate --channel=9.2/stable, so if this is a recent regression you’d be able to go back to the previous release with the command there.