Problem running makemkv snap - QThread::start: Thread creation error


I’m trying to run makemkv snap (which I’ve been able to do in the past), but right now t’s failing with error:

QThread::start: Thread creation error (Operation not permitted) QThread::start: Thread creation error (Operation not permitted)

The process stays running but I get nothing on my remote X server.

I’m running: snap version snap 2.57.6-2.el7 snapd 2.57.6-2.el7 series 16 centos 7 kernel 6.1.9-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64

MakeMKV snap is revision 569. Same problem with kernel kernel-lt-5.4.217-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64, which was the one I was last able to run MakeMKV with.

As X server I’m running Xquartz on MacOS. xterm loads just fine, so it’s not a problem with the Xserver or X authentication.

Any hints? Thanks.

Had to compile a more recent version of QT5 (5.15.8), and export its path before running the snap. Quite a bit of work on CentOS 7. I thought the whole purpose of snaps was to not be concerned with host libraries, a bit like containers, but I guess not.

Hey @superbock I am having the same issue… I have tried re-installing from online installer and using apt install … I am getting “QThread::start: Thread creation error (Operation not permitted)”… Would it be possible to copy the commands that you used to see if I can duplicate your success?

I wonder if this is the same issue that was recently discussed in the context of signal-desktop in

In a nutshell the issue is that centos7 has an older version of libseccomp and upgrading that version helps, we are still thinking about ways to fix it but it’s hard without a newer version of libseccomp on centos at at during rpm build.