Private snaps or tracks?

Dear Store,

I’ve found almost no documentation on explaining private snaps. Let’s describe my use case first:
Right now I’m the release manager of Apache NetBeans (incubating) 10.0. I would like to have Apache NetBeans as a snap in the store. This would actually happen as the release snap is already there. (We just waiting for a small change to make the snap public.) It would be really nice if we can have the development version available as well. According to Apache rules we shall not provide/promote unreleased code outside of our community. So this fits for a private snap. AFAIK the private/public-ness of a snap is determinde on the global level. Is there any plans to have it on track level, e.g. stable track is public and all the rest is private?

If not, then does it make sense to create a netbeans-dev snap with private access?
And if does how shall I add contributor members to that snap?

I have a few people who would really like to use the auto-update feature, to get one code drop every week or every second week.

IMO not featuring the release version in the latest/stable channel is already counting as not provide/promote unreleased code…

I also wonder if private snaps are only accessible by the snap collaborator on the dashboard.

A snap is either public or private, we don’t have a concept of having tracks private. However we do have branches which are not private but are not exposed when searched for.

What’s probably better is a separate snap. So netbeansas a public, stable released snap, and netbeans-dev as a separate, private snap. The -dev snap would only be installable by the uploader and other collaborators explicitly nominated in the store.

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