Print Job username set to "unknown"

Hi all,

When I print something using Firefox snap package (or Chromium snap package) on Ubuntu 22.04 the user name for the print job is “unknown”.

This is not the case when I am using the deb version of Firefox (or Google chrome or Microsoft Edge). The user printing has his username used for the print job.

How can I set the print job to the user printing when using a snap web browser ?

(sorry I can attach only one picture as new user so I took a screenshot of my posting draft message :smiley: )

As additional information, this seems to work with a local user but not in our case where we use SSSD (krb5+ldap) for user authentication.

Cheers, Franck

Probably @till.kamppeter can help here?

Could you set your system’s cupsd to debug mode

cupsctl --debug-logging

and then print a job and, after it is printed, provide these three files:


Please also provide the output of the following commands:

snap connections | grep cups | grep firefox
snap connections | grep cups | grep chrom
snap list
lpstat -v

Please run (Copy and paste these commands all at once)

lpstat -v
lpstat -o
cups.lpstat -v
cups.lpstat -o

immediately after sending the job while it is getting printed and also provide us all the screen output.

Hi all,

@till.kamppeter sorry for the delay. I am not allowed to share logs here but I can provide filtered results of the command lines you asked me to run (I hope this is fine).

Those files don’t exist

❯ snap connections | grep cups | grep firefox
cups-control              firefox:cups-control                    :cups-control                    -
cups-control              firefox:cups-control                    cups:cups-server                 manual
❯ snap connections | grep cups | grep chrom
cups                      chromium:cups                           cups:cups                        -
❯ snap list
Name                     Version                     Rev    Tracking       Publisher      Notes
amz-workspaces                   8      latest/stable  nightmayr      -
authy                    2.3.0                       19     latest/stable  twilio-authy   -
bare                     1.0                         5      latest/stable  canonical✓     base
chromium                 113.0.5672.63               2465   latest/stable  canonical✓     -
core18                   20230426                    2745   latest/stable  canonical✓     base
core20                   20230404                    1879   latest/stable  canonical✓     base
cups                     2.4.2-5                     872    latest/stable  openprinting✓  -
firefox                  113.0.1-1                   2667   latest/stable  mozilla✓       -
gnome-3-28-1804          3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67  198    latest/stable  canonical✓     -
gnome-3-34-1804          0+git.3556cb3               93     latest/stable  canonical✓     -
gnome-3-38-2004          0+git.6f39565               140    latest/stable  canonical✓     -
gtk-common-themes        0.1-81-g442e511             1535   latest/stable  canonical✓     -
kde-frameworks-5-core18  5.67.0                      35     latest/stable  kde✓           -
remmina                  v1.4.30                     5692   latest/stable  remmina✓       -
snapd                    2.59.2                      19122  latest/stable  canonical✓     snapd
thunderbird              102.10.1-1                  319    latest/stable  canonical✓     -
❯ lpstat -v
device for FollowMe: ipp://xxxxxx:631/printers/FollowMe
device for PDF: cups-pdf:/

❯ lpstat -v
lpstat -o
cups.lpstat -v
cups.lpstat -o
device for FollowMe: ipp://xxxxxx:631/printers/FollowMe
device for xxxxxx
device for PDF: cups-pdf:/
FollowMe-93             unknown          92160   Mon 15 May 2023 03:55:30 PM CEST
device for FollowMe: proxy://%2Frun%2Fcups%2Fcups.sock/FollowMe
device for PDF: proxy://%2Frun%2Fcups%2Fcups.sock/PDF

Hey @till.kamppeter Do you have enough information to understand why username is “unknown” ?