Please approve spade as a classic snap

Please approve “spade” as a classic snap. Spade is a tool for manipulating cloud bucket objects, and it supports Swift, Azure, GCE, AWS. You can use it to perform filesystem-like actions on bucket objects, such as “ls”, “cat”, “head”, “cp” and “grep”. As such it needs access to the full filesystem, which is why I’m requesting classic snap status.

The project is hosted on and the code is available via “git clone lp:spade”.

Thanks, Tom

I looked at the codebase and the README.rst file suggests the operations are all on remote objects, which would be great for strict mode, but then when I briefly looked at the code, I saw a few cases for local access. Can you describe typical use cases for local access? Is ‘home’ and ‘removable-media’ not enough?

You can configure local objects in your config file, and then copy between local and remote as follows:

In this case the relevant portion of my config file is:

“credentials”: {
“canonistack-swift”: {
“bucket_type”: “swift”,
“os_username”: “mthaddon”,
“os_tenant_name”: “mthaddon_project”,
“os_password”: “REDACTED”,
“os_auth_url”: “https://REDACTED/v2.0/”,
“os_region_name”: “lcy02”
“local-srv”: {
“bucket_type”: “local”,
“bucket_root”: “/srv”

Ok, thanks for the extra information. I’ve vetted the publisher and granted the use of classic. This is now live.