Please allow `microceph` slot on `microceph` snap


We’re getting a publication failure on microceph because of the microceph slot that we’re now using.

interface 'microceph' not found in base declaration declaration-snap-v2_app_slot_known (daemon, microceph)
unknown slots interface name reference 'microceph' lint-snap-v2_app_slots_plug_reference (daemon, microceph)

This slot has been added to snapd a few weeks ago and is perfectly functional in edge (and possibly beta/candidate too). The slot was clearly implemented with the intention of microceph using it and is a requirement for our current microcloud work.

Related PR and security review:

Thanks for the heads-up @stgraber - the review-tools maintains it’s own copy of the snapd base declaration which needs to be updated manually - I have just done this and tagged a new release. @roadmr any chance we could deploy the latest review-tools to the store? Thanks.

For now I have manually approved the existing revisions.

I’ll update review-tools with this.

  • Daniel

Thank you @roadmr :slight_smile:

root@demo01:~# snap install microceph
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Mount snap "microceph" (25) (installation not allowed by "microceph" slot rule of interface "microceph")

@alexmurray @roadmr is something wrong with the store assertion on those revs that’s preventing it from installing?

Note that I have now reverted that revision, so if you want to hit the issue, you’ll need snap install microceph --edge. Also note that you need the edge version of snapd at this time to have the microceph interface support in the first place.

Heh okay I see - we also need a store declaration for the microceph snap to slot the microceph slot. +1 from me for this as the purpose of this slot is to exist for the microceph snap. I’ll proactively grant this now but if other reviewers disagree, please speak up.

This is done now - and I can confirm installing microceph from edge (with snapd from edge) works as expected. Apologies for the issues.

review-tools in the store is updated to the latest (yesterday’s) version and should now grok the microceph interface.