Please allow classic confinement for gmailctl

Ok I implemented a wrapper around xdg-open as you suggested and it works perfectly fine!
It’s not as smooth as vanilla and it’s opening the editor in a separate window of course but it really fine.

Thank you very much everyone for your help, I really appreciate!

Just to summarized everything:

  1. Use homeishome-launch to make Go use the right home directory
  2. Use xdg-open to edit the files (add add the desktop interface)
  3. Write a wrapper around xdg-open to wait for the user to finish editing a file
  4. Make $TMPDIR point to $SNAP_USER_DATA to allow xdg-open to access temp files

Hey @gjolly since you have solved your request without needed classic confinement, I am removing this requests from our queue. Let us know if you have any further question.


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