Please allow auto-connect of display-control interface for deskconn


deskconn is a daemon for the Linux desktop that allows remote control of some of the features of a Linux desktop.

That includes Screen locking, screen brightness control (on laptops), mouse cursor and keyboard input from a mobile phone (over WAMP proto using Crossbar).

All the above features are covered by either x11 or desktop interfaces except for brightness control, which requires display-control and was conceived by conversation here (thanks Jamie).

It would make deskconn seamless for users installing it, so please allow that interface to auto-connect with it.


Wow, sounds neat and frightening :wink:

+1 to auto-connect. This is very clearly within the expected functionality of the application and the snapd interface doesn’t expose any extra accesses that make it worrisome for this snap.


How does that work, will this need a +1 from community as well ?


ping @reviewers


+1 to auto-connecting display-control.


2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection for display-control. This is now live.