Pharo7 name registered

Hi Everyone,

I have just registered the name pharo7, which is the current development
version of the Pharo project:

To allow faster evolution of the Pharo virtual machine, the developers
have decided that backward compatibility will only be supported within
major versions. The side effect is that developers and users need to be
able to install multiple versions of the VM simultaneously. The pharo snap
package (which I also own) is the current GA version of Pharo, Pharo 6(.1).

As snap packaging doesn’t currently allow multiple versions to be
installed simultaneously, I’ll be registering a new name for each major

As with pharo (6), this is a general purpose development environment and
uses classic confinement.

Thanks very much,

@evan - can you or someone from your team work with Alistair on the classic confinement request as per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps? Thanks!

Hi @jdstrand, @evan,

This is a release of a new version of an application that has already been approved for classic confinement.

The original request had the subect “Manual review request?” and was sent to the snapcraft maililng list on 10 April 2017. It was approved by Evan Dandrea (from Canonical) the same day.

The original justification text was:

Pharo is a general purpose programming environment (Smalltalk), meaning
that developers expect to be able to call any executable or load any
library on their system, so the snap has classic confinement.



Is there something I can do to help move this forward?


@akgrant Sorry for the delay. I’ll find out why this conversation is stuck and get the right person here.

Hi @niemeyer,

Thanks for your follow-up.


@akgrant Let me go onto a quick tangent here: I’ve been quietly working on designing support for concurrent installation of multiple instances of the same snap. Do you need the multiple snap versions for pharo right now, or are you getting ready for future needs having in mind that this is how things work today?

If the multiple parallel versions are not actually important today, I would suggest waiting just a bit as we might be able to allow concurrent installation of your snap before that becomes a problem, which is both nicer and saves you some extra work.

Hi @niemeyer,

Pharo 7 is already in development, so we need access to it immediately. However if the multiple version support arrives before Pharo 7 is released (around May next year), I’d be happy to fold it back in to the core pharo snap and drop the pharo7 snap.