Personal-files Request for the fac Application

Hello there,

I have a new snap called fac. It requires access to $HOME/.gitignore and $HOME/.fac.yml

I have my snapcraft.yaml located in this repo.

Could I possibly get approval to use personal-file?

Thank you.

I assume you meant $HOME/.gitconfig rather than gitignore - I think you may also need $HOME/.config/git/config as well since these are commonly used interchangeably.

+1 from me for read access to fac for dot-gitconfig and dot-fac-yaml as above.

You are correct! I will add that other file location to my snapcraft.yaml as well.

I am just curious, is there anything I have to do if I received a notification about the snap waiting for a manual review?

Thank you.

@bashfulrobot - No, nothing to do on your side. @reviewers, this has not received the required number of votes - can others please cast their vote?

+1 from me for read access to fac for .gitconfig and .fac.yml as above.

@bashfulrobot apologies can I ask you to please make a couple changes (for consistency with previous access to .gitconfig for other snaps) - can you make this a single instance of personal-files and name it just gitconfig like the following:

    interface: personal-files
      - $HOME/.gitconfig
      - $HOME/.config/git/config

Will do! I am halfway through a machine reload but will address at the first opportunity,

+1 for use of personal-files with read-only access to $HOME/.fac.yml with the interface reference of ‘dot-fac-yaml’. While not asked for, I would also vote +1 for auto-connection.

+1 for use of personal-files with read-only access to gitconfig in the manner @alexmurray requested. I don’t have enough information to vote for auto-connection for gitconfig.

3 votes for, 0 against for use of but not auto-connection (there aren’t enough votes) of $HOME/.fac.yml and gitconfig in the manner described. Granting. This is now live.

@bashfulrobot - the latest revision in the store has not incorporated @alexmurray’s changes so it will not pass automated review. After that is done, new uploads won’t pass automated review until there is a corresponding change to the review-tools that has been made but is not yet in production. In the meantime, you can request manual reviews for new revisions and a reviewer can manually approve.

SO it is looking like this app has been abandoned or the author has other priorities in life (happens!). I pinged the author back in May, so I think I am not going to be moving forward with this application. I’ll likely look into releasing the store name back into the wild as well.