Personal-files+docker for flyctl

Our package contains a cli for the hosting platform. We need access to $HOME/.fly/* for config storage as well as docker for building & pushing images.


@reviewers is there enough information here? Can ya’ll come and have a look, and vote, please?

While it appears that this snap is the clear owner of the ~/.fly directory, it isn’t clear to me why the default of $HOME (which is set to the snap-specific ~/snap/flyctl/<revision>) can’t be used. The personal-files interface is intended to be used for read access for migrating from a non-snap install to the snap. You mention this is intended for ‘storage’ which implies write access. Why is ~/snap/flyctl/<revision> not sufficient?

As for docker, are you asking for use of ‘plugs: [ docker ]’? If so, can you provide more details about how users will use your snap with docker?

@michaeldwan - this request cannot proceed without the requested information.

Removing from the review queue due to lack of feedback. When you get a chance to respond, we can requeue this then.