Personal files access request: Minecraft Modpack Manager (mcmodpackmanager)

Hello, I’ve been trying trying to package my application for snap, but it requires ~/.minecraft folder access to function properly, my apps modifies ~/.minecraft/mods and ~/.minecraft/modpacks, although I do plan adding support for curseforge modpacks in the future, so I will need to modify ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks. The github url for my app is .

This is the exact use-case for the personal-files interface - as such if this is all that your snap needs classic confinement for, then I don’t think classic confinement should be needed for your snap (nor would be appropriate given the current Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. Note the use of personal-files is also privileged so you will need to provide a justification for why this is required as well as the exact paths + permissions (read vs write) for the snap - but once this is done, the reviewers team can vote on whether this is appropriate and then grant it as per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks.

Feel free to reuse this existing thread in that case and just update the title accordingly.

Thanks for the info!

I updated the thread.

Thanks - in general you should also include what permission your snap requires for these paths plus the name of the interface you are using - I have extracted this from the latest revision which you uploaded to the store:

    interface: personal-files
    - $HOME/.minecraft

This looks good except the usual naming convention would be to name this dot-minecraft instead of just minecraft so that users can have some idea about what is being granted access to - can you please change this?

Whilst this snap is not the clear owner of this path, the whole purpose of this snap is to manage minecraft modpacks and so it makes sense that it would have write permission to this location and that it would be auto-connnected. As such, +1 from me for use-of and auto-connect of a personal-files instance named dot-minecraft with write access to $HOME/.minecraft.

I renamed it, minecraft to dot-minecraft

+1 from me as well for use of personal-files with write access to $HOME/.minecraft to mcmodpackmanager since as explained the purpose of the snap is to manage minecraft modpacks. But since the snap is not the clear owner of the main directory, I would prefer to allow this only to $HOME/.minecraft/mods, $HOME/.minecraft/modpacks and $HOME/.minecraft/resourcepacks instead. Will this make mcmodpackmanager to still properly operate @mrquantumoff?

I don’t think there are any reasons why it shouldn’t, so I updated the manifest

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect and use of personal-files called dot-minecraft to have a write access to $HOME/.minecraft/mods, $HOME/.minecraft/modpacks and $HOME/.minecraft/resourcepacks. This is now live