Permissions for collaborators to create track


We have permission to create tracks for our oracle-cloud-agent snap and I am able to create tracks successfully. However, when one of my collaborators is trying to create a track for this snap, he is getting following error

No publisher or collaborator permission for the oracle-cloud-agent snap package

Where do I give others permissions to be able to create tracks for this snap?



To add someone else as a collaborator to your snap, go to the “Collaboration” tab on your snap’s page and enter their email address. They will then receive an invite share, which they need to accept.



Thanks for the reply Odysseus but I am already on the collaborator list. We have multiple folks on that list, but it seems like only Manorama can create a track. She had to request some additional permissions too I think? We aren’t sure how she can add others so we can create a track too. Edited: I checked the “Active Shares” list under “collaboration” again and I do have my email added there.