PDF Viewer for new snap

Wondering if anyone has some ideas. I made this snap of OpenTaxSolver (/otax) with build linked against gh repo (shrmpy/ots)
When printing the PDF, the error appears about the PDF VIEWER (no gui_settings.conf). It then falls back to xdg-open, but that fails.

This is the latest in a series of side quests. To get to this point, started from the GTK app guide and then I needed to work out the following:

  • sed replace from …/…/bin to bin in Makefile files
  • code.svn.sf.net bad DNS, switched to TAR download
  • deprecated GTK warnings (core20), but core18 resulted in GLIBC 2.8 not found
  • saving output files are allowed under SNAP_USER_DATA, not $HOME
  • bin path prefix to desktop-launch
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Unfortunately I can only add that I gave up on opening files using the associated program from the snap as though I found the docs about xdg-open (or I believe I found), and thus tried running it from the recommended path, it didn’t work out. I found bigger fish to fry first but on one hand thanks for being reminded and bringing the topic up…!

No idea if I did what I did correctly but this: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/starting-another-apps/17437/2 is what I tried to follow, particularly:

As part of snapd’s security system, each snap is isolated from the rest of the system in a sandbox. This is why you can’t see other applications.

The main method allowed to start other applications is the /usr/bin/xdg-open program provided within the sandbox. This provides the same interface you’d be used to, but is implemented as a small proxy that asks a service outside the sandbox to open the associated application. Some things to keep in mind though:

  1. If you pass it an http://… URL, it will probably just open the user’s web browser. If you want file type specific behaviour, you’ll probably have to download the file yourself and then call xdg-open on it.
  2. With the current version of snapd, there are restrictions on what other URI schemes are supported. If you try to open a magnet: URI, it will return an error rather than launching Transmission. These restrictions will be relaxed a bit when snapd 2.45 is released, provided you have xdg-desktop-portal installed.

That is good info. I can search what it is passing to xdg-open, and see whether it resembles a URL. I appreciate the new lead.
I had hit a wall like Monday morning, and brain just went blank.

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Well, thanks a lot for the feedback, wasn’t sure if it’s of any use. I must admit I didn’t get much more clever in this matter by now :slight_smile:

As I understand there’s some ongoing progress in terms of interaction between snapped apps, e.g.:

Additionally I accidentally found that Qt’s QImage might be able to load from PDF’s too - if I’m right! saw that with only one eye and about 10 days ago due to a file filter I had incorrectly set up - although I believe I only saw the first page?

Looks like you have a very helpful app there by the way, congrats - I might end up being your user someday… =b

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Note that the upcoming deskop-launch interface is not intended for general use by applications, and it is unlikely that your snap will be granted auto-connect if it isn’t a desktop shell or application launcher.

If the aim is to open a PDF file that the snap can read in the system’s default PDF viewer, /usr/bin/xdg-open should do the trick. If you are using the GLib/GTK API for launching the default handler for a file, try adding the following to your snapcraft.yaml:


So I’m embarrassed. It wasn’t even creating the PDF at the time. It expects a subdir of files in src/formdata where the “src” path is prepended in the code. I noticed this after seeing it has -verbose and -debug switches. After including these files, it can create a PDF file. Still fails to launch a PDF viewer, but I can continue to learn about snap universe gradually and experiment on the weekends :zzz:

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I had a 2nd quick failed attempt with xdg-open :slight_smile: didn’t want to mention.

There are however tons of similarly relevant, but much easier to do things in my case … will be looking forward to your success as a motivation!